The Five Scrum Values

All work performed in Scrum needs a set of values as the foundation for the team’s processes and interactions. And by embracing these five values, the team makes them even more instrumental to its health and success.


Be willing to commit to a goal. Scrum provides people the authority they need to meet their commitments.
Because we have great control over our own destiny, we are more committed to success.

Do your job. Focus all of your efforts and skills on doing the work that you have committed to doing. Don’t worry about anything else.
Because we focus on only a few things at a time, we work well together and produce excellent work. We deliver valuable items sooner.

As we work together, we express how we’re doing, what’s in our way, and our concerns so they can be addressed.
Scrum keeps everything about a project visible to everyone.

Individuals are shaped by their background and their experiences. It is important to respect the different people who comprise a team.
As we work together, sharing successes and failures, we come to respect each other and to help each other become worthy of respect.

Because we work as a team, we feel supported and have more resources at our disposal. This gives us the courage to undertake greater challenges.
Have the courage to commit, to act, to be open and to expect respect.

To summarize all in one picture, easy to remember:


As an organization applies Scrum it discovers its benefits. At the same time, it sees how these values inherently contribute to the success of Scrum and understands why they are both needed, and bolstered, by Scrum.


3 thoughts on “The Five Scrum Values

  1. Nice Post, Scrum enhances team productivity and collaboration , better customer satisfaction and less bureaucracy as the communication is done in daily scrum meetings individually.


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